Bicycle rental for sightseeing in Kyoto

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What are the road and parking rules for cyclists in Kyoto?
Check out our handy PDF guide to cycling rules and safety in Kyoto. See also our
Is it possible to keep rental bicycles overnight?
Yes, it is. To keep the bicycle overnight, there must be a parking space for the bicycle at your accommodation. If the accommodation does not have a space for parking, you must return the bicycle to KCTP each day by 18:00.
What is your cancellation policy for rental bicycles?
A There will be no cancellation fee if you call us no later than half an hour after your booking time, if your booking time is before 12:00pm. Note that if your booking time is after 12:00pm, you must let us know before 12:00pm on the day if you wish to cancel.
If you don’t call us by that time, you will be charged 100% of the rental cost as a cancellation fee.

For example:
> If your rental booking time is 9:00am, the cancellation must be made by 9:30am.
> If your rental booking time is 12:30pm, the cancellation must be made by 12:00pm.

Do the bikes have locks?
Yes, the bikes come with combination locks.
Are helmets required and do you provide them?
Children aged 12 and under must wear a helmet and we provide those free of charge. Helmets are optional for cyclists aged over 12 and we provide them on request for a fee of 300 yen per helmet (only available at Kyoto Station and Kyoto Station Hachijo Gate terminals).
Do you have attachable baby seats?
Attachable baby seats are not available for safety reasons. Electric-assist bicycles with child seats are available for ages 1 to 5.
See Bicycles & Prices for more info.
Do you have child bikes?
Yes, we do have childrens bikes. We have three sizes suitable for different heights, plus taller children may use a Mini Velo.
See Bicycles & Prices for details.

Is there a bicycle delivery/collection service?
Our bike delivery and collection service is only available for group bookings. See Groups for more details.