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    Due to the New Years' holidays reservations for 31 December until 2 January cannot be accepted. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.
    To allow us time to respond and confirm, we can take booking requests via this form up to 2 days in advance.
    Reservations by phone are also possible up to 18:00 the day before.
    Same-day requests are handled on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Please note that all fields are mandatory except for the notes.
    Please click here to check bicycle availability for the Kyoto Station and Hachijo Gate Cycle Terminals.


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    We usually send order confirmation emails within the next business day.
    Please check your junk/spam email folder in case our reply has been automatically sorted there.

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    *Please choose a time within business hours (9:00 to 18:00)

    Number of Days of Rental

    * For rentals of more than 7 days, please state the number of days in the notes section below.
    * Please return bikes before 18:00.
    * For rentals over two or more consecutive days, please confirm that you are planning to stay in Kyoto and have access to nearby bike parking.

    Collection terminal

    See all terminal locations

    Return terminal

    * If the collection and return terminals are different, a fee of 600 yen per bike is required.

    See all terminal locations

    Select bikes and quantity

    *Only bicycles that can be rented at the Collection Terminal are displayed.
    *For details on each bicycle, please refer to the "Bicycles & Prices" page.

    • Electric-assist bicycle 2,700 yen per day

      Suitable height:145cm~200cm

      * This bike can't be returned to other cycle terminals.
    • Electric-assist bicycle with child seat 3,000 yen per day

      Suitable height:145cm~200cm

      * This bike can't be returned to other cycle terminals.
    • City bike - High class (Ginrin) 1,700 yen per day

      Suitable height:155cm~200cm

    • City bike - Middle class 1,400 yen per day

      Suitable height:145cm~200cm

    • City bike - Standard class (Ginrin) 1,200 yen per day

      Suitable height:155cm~175cm

    • Mini Velo 1,400 yen per day

      Suitable height: 150cm~175cm

    • Root One 1,500 yen per day

    • Childrens bicycle 1,000 yen per day

      Suitable height:
      -22inch : 120cm~
      -24inch : 130cm~

      ・There are no training wheels on the child bikes.
      ・Helmets are free of charge for children aged 12 and under.

      22inch : 24inch :
    Price: yen

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