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Business will resume from May 21 (Thursday).


Thank you for your continued support.
In response to the relaxation of requests for leave by Kyoto Prefecture, we will resume operations from Thursday, May 21st, with the highest priority to “ensure the safety and security of our customers and employees.”
Please note that the reservation will be given priority in order to avoid congestion due to congestion, so we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Reservations can be made on the website or by phone.
TEL 075-354-3636

〇 At the time of sales, we will carry out the following activities as infection control measures.

<Initiatives for safety and security>
・We will wear a mask to prevent splash infection.
・Basically, reception and guidance will be conducted outdoors.
・We will disinfect parts of the bicycle that come into contact with the body, helmets, stationery for reception, etc. with chlorine and alcohol each time you use them.
・We will work to reduce the information time.
・Be very careful about employee infection prevention measures and health management.

<Requests to customers who visit our store>
・Please cooperate with wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands before use.
・Please refrain from using if you feel unwell.
・Please contact the representative alone.
・Please wait at an interval when you line up at the reception.
・Toilet and washbasin are not available.

* Gosho Minami Cycle Terminal is closed until June 30th

The rental cycle service will be closed until June 30, due to the suspension period of RAKURO Kyoto The Share Hotels, which is outsourcing the rental cycle.
We appreciate your understanding.

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